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Unlocking Potential & Embracing Brilliance.
Embracing the Extraordinary Abilities of Children with Autism.

At Buzz & Flutter ABA, we are passionate about creating a transformative journey for every child. Through innovative therapies, personalized support, and a warm, inclusive environment, we empower children with autism to surpass expectations and discover their unique brilliance. Together with our dedicated team of experts, we're rewriting the narrative, celebrating every milestone achieved and fostering a future filled with endless possibilities.

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The Magic of Our ABA Approach

An Empowering Evaluation
We dive into a thorough assessment of each individual and their unique environment. This detailed understanding forms the foundation for a personalized treatment plan - a roadmap that embraces and celebrates their individuality.
Embracing Behavior
Our journey entails a deep dive into understanding behavior - not just within the individual but also within the comforting circle of their family and the supportive network of their community.
Application of Joyful Learning
We utilize the principles and techniques of behavior analysis to enhance the individual's independence and enrich their quality of life. The aim is to open up new worlds for them, using the key of behavioral learning.
Celebrating Progress
Each step forward is observed with objective and continuous data analysis. This guides our clinical decisions, ensuring that each step taken is a step in the right direction.

Unlocking Potential. Embracing Brilliance.

Discovering the Why

Our dedicated team of BCBAs delve deep to unearth the 'why' behind the target behavior. Armed with this understanding, we craft thoughtful and effective intervention plans.

Tailored Treatment

Every client enjoys our top-tier ABA services, crafted uniquely for them. Each session, conducted in a 1:1 setting, is a testament to our dedication to their individual growth journey.

Nurturing Connections

In a secure and nurturing environment, our expertly trained RBTs focus on honing your child's social skills. Every interaction is a step toward confident communication.

Your Journey, Too

Family is at the heart of our therapy. We ensure that you are an integral part of your child's growth and progress. Remember, you're never alone on this journey!

Cutting-edge Care

Our therapists are skilled in providing evidence-based neurofeedback therapies specifically designed for ASD. Here, science and care come together to help your child thrive.

Model Classrooms

We create spaces that encourage natural conversation and play. Stacked with sensory items and favored reinforcers, our model classrooms are havens of learning and enjoyment.


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Our story isn't ancient, but we're breaking new ground off the bat. We are revolutionizing the landscape with the latest advancements and research-backed methodologies. Our dynamic approach combines the most up-to-date therapies and technology with the time tested vessel of love and compassion. This ensures that every child receives the highest level of care and access to innovative interventions for unparalleled progress.

Buzz & Flutter ABA

The 10 Things You Can Do At Home
To Embrace Your Child's Brilliance.

Autism Resources
Available free of charge.

Here are ten empowering ways to cultivate their unique strengths and nurture their potential. From creating a safe and structured environment to reducing sensory overload, this is your resource. Learn to embrace their special interests and incorporate them into learning activities, fueling their enthusiasm.

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